Executive Boardwalk Tower


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Start your own boardwalk empire with the Executive Boardwalk Tower. This tower contains everything included with the Executive Tower, plus a small tub of Johnson’s Popcorn. Special Offer: Currently available: Upgrade your Small Johnson’s Popcorn Tub to a Large Johnson’s Popcorn Tub for only $4.50. Just click below for this special upgrade. Contains: 5 lbs. Salt Water Taffy 1 lb. Fudge (vanilla, vanilla nut, chocolate, chocolate nut) 1 lb. Mint Rolls 9 Coconut Macaroons  6 molasses paddles  1 Small Johnson’s Popcorn Tub 12 lbs. Ship Weight Click the image at the left to see our Executive Boardwalk Tower and Holiday Executive Boardwalk Tower

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