Shriver’s Gelato

It’s Italian for Ice Cream, and Native for Delicious!

Shriver’s Gelato & Sorbets is your place on the Ocean City Boardwalk for delicious Gelato!  Do you know what Gelato is?  Gelato is kind of like ice cream.  But why not call it ice cream, then?  Well because it’s better!

· Gelato has less fat than regular ice cream
· Gelato has less air than regular ice cream, so it’s more dense
· Gelato is served softer than regular ice cream
· Gelato has a smoother texture than regular ice cream
· Gelato has fewer calories than regular ice cream.  Only 130 calories per 3 oz. serving
· Gelato is more flavorful than regular ice cream

Just like our Salt Water Taffy and Fudge, our Gelato is made fresh daily in our factory store right here on the Ocean City Boardwalk!


· Frutti Di Bosco
· Blueberry
· Chocolate Hazelnut
· Stracciatella
· Mint Chocolate Chip
· Peach
· Cookie Monster
· Cookie Dough
· Dulce De Leche

· New York Cheesecake
· Peanut Butter Chocolate
· Raspberry Truffle
· Mango
· Strawberry
· Vanilla
· Chocolate
· Pistachio
· White Chocolate

· Lemon Sorbet
· Very Berry Sorbet
· Orange Sorbet
· Coconut
· Pina Colada
· Rainbow Birthday Cake
· Espresso
· Banana
· Salted Caramel

And that’s not everything that we always have, just some of our most popular flavors.  You can always stop in and try our new flavors, too!

Gelato doesn’t just have to be served in a cup or  cone!  We’ve got Gelato Smoothies and Milkshakes, perfect to cool you down on a hot Summer’s day.

Shriver’s Gelato also has Coffee, Cappuccino, and Espresso to start your day off right, or to give you a jolt come night.


Shriver’s Gelato & Sorbets  •  846 Boardwalk Ocean City, NJ  08226  •  609.398.2288