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The History of Shriver’s

Our Story

familyHere at Shriver’s, we perfected our Salt Water Taffy in 1898, just as taffy was becoming a hit in households all over the country. Because we believe great things should stay great, we have been dedicated to using the same recipe, same facility, and providing the same great quality that has been practiced by Shriver’s for over 100 years.
Shriver’s is the oldest business along the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey. In 1959, Shriver’s was purchased by 4 brothers and today it is still owned and operated by the same family, three generations later. The legacy and family tradition of Shriver’s famous Salt Water Taffy still remains today.
All of us at Shriver’s would like to thank you for supporting this family business, and hope that you find the perfect treat for any occasion or craving you may have.

Taffy Facts

Although it may sound shocking to you, it is no surprise to us that our delicious taffy attracts over 2,000 people into our shop each day, between the months of June and August. If you have ever been one of them then it’s likely you’ve been elated by the 47+ flavors of taffy that we have to offer.
If you’re looking to bring a piece Ocean City Summertime to your home, you’re on the right site. We ship an average of 350 packages out each day during the first week in December, however, we will ship it to you, anywhere in the U.S., any time of the year!
We’ve Sold Over 1.1 Billion Pieces of Taffy!
Try it for yourself to see why our sensational Salt Water Taffy has been recognized by Food Network, Redbook, Travel Channel, Squawk Box, and Jeopardy.

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We’ve Sold Over 1.1 Billion Pieces of Taffy!
Try it for yourself to see why our sensational Salt Water Taffy has been recognized by Food Network, Redbook, Travel Channel, Squawk Box, and Jeopardy.

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Why is it called salt water taffy?

Our most frequent question. It actually started in Atlantic City, New Jersey (we in Ocean City just made it better) with a man named Bradley. He had a taffy stand on the boardwalk back in the 1890s and one night the ocean decided to pay his taffy stand a little visit. We don’t know how much damage was done, but it was enough to put Mr. Bradley in a bad mood the next morning. So when a little girl asked for some taffy, he sarcastically called it “salt water taffy”. Luckily for Mr. Bradley, some female relations overheard his remark and recognized a catchy phrase when they heard one. Soon thereafter Mr. Bradley’s taffy became “Salt Water Taffy”, and that is how it all began.

Is there saltwater in salt water taffy?

No, there is no salt in our taffy (except for maybe a pinch in our peanut butter flavor). In fact, there is hardly any water.

My order is a gift: Will it be gift wrapped?

Just indicate when you’re placing an order that you’d like to have your gift wrapped, and we’ll be glad to do it for you, no charge.  If it’s for a particular holiday or a birthday, feel free to ask what kind of wrapping paper we have available.

How do I know which flavor of Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy is which?

Well, just take a look at the chart below…

Traditional Flavors
Flavor Color
Chocolate Brown
Vanilla White
Strawberry Pink
Grape Purple
Wintergreen White with a Red & Green Stripe
Lime Green
Banana Yellow with an Orange Stripe
Peppermint White with 1 Red Stripe
Molasses Tan
Licorice Gray
Teaberry Pink with a Red Stripe
Spearmint White with a Green Stripe
Orange Orange
Peanut Butter Tan with a Brown Stripe
Cinnamon White with 2 Red Stripes
Molasses Mint Tan with a Green Stripe
Lemon Yellow


Special Flavors
Root Beer White with a Brown Stripe
Watermelon Green with a Red Center
Blue Raspberry Blue
Cremesicle Orange with  a White Center
Sour Cherry Pink with a Green Stripe
Strawberry-Banana Pink with a Yellow Center
Chocolate Peanut Butter Brown with a Yellow Stripe
Coconut White with a Purple Stripe
Sour Apple Green with a Red Stripe
Peach Orange with a Red Stripe
Blueberry Blue with a Green Stripe
Bubblegum Pink with a Blue Stripe


Gourmet Flavors
Tangerine Orange with a Red & Green Stripe
Mango Red with an Orange Stripe
Spicy Pumpkin Orange with a Black Stripe
White Chocolate Creamy White
White Chocolate Strawberry White with a Pink Center
French Vanilla White with a Yellow Stripe
White Cranberry White with a Blue Stripe
Chocolate Banana  Brown with Yellow Center
Chocolate Coconut  Brown with Red Stripe
Sweet Cherry Pink with 2 Green Stripes


Twisted Taffy
Flippy Fruit Orange, Yellow & Purple
Super Smashing Sour Orange, Green & Yellow
Neopolitan Blownapart Brown, White & Pink
Oh So Very Berry  Blue with Pink Center
PB ‘N Joy  Brown with Pink Center
Lemon Sour Pucker Power  Yellow with Green Stripe


Chocolate Covered Salt Water Taffy Flavors with Wrapper Colors
Vanilla Light Blue
Orange Orange
Coconut Dark Blue
Peanut Butter Pink
Raspberry Purple
Cherry Cherries on Wrapper
Peppermint Green
Chocolate Red
Banana Yellow


Note: Not all flavors are available year ’round.  All flavors are listed here for informational purposes.

Sugar Free Salt Water Taffy
Banana Yellow with Red Stripe
Strawberry Pink
Peppermint White with Red Stripe
Chocolate Brown
Orange Orange
Vanilla White
Lime Green
Grape Purple


All Sugar Free Salt Water Taffy is marked as Sugar Free on the wrapper.

See Full FAQ List here.
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